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I know it is a lot of text, but please: smile and bite through :-)

Lightillions for the world
- Project for the creation of an enlightened world

Since I am living on earth, I need money in order to make a living. I am lucky to be able to earn part of my living through my creative work. I create things that bring positive emotions to the world which is something I gratefully appreciate.

Therefore, I want to give something back to the world.
I want to realize this via two ways:

1. Selling art
The sales of my artwork enable me to extend the Emporium of Light. (If you want to know more about the Emporium of Light, please click here.) Each buyer helps me to live on my creative work. Thus, I can turn my vision of the Emporium of Light into art and show others where light manifests itself, help them to recognize it and to discover the magic of life. All interested people, buyers and supporters of my art become a part of the Emporium of Light themselves and help it enter reality.

2. Lightillions
I created the Lightillions as the currency of the Emporium of Light. They are more than just money. They are the currency of love as they were created with a certain energy that can produce something fruitful. They are the currency of light. I paint my Lightillions, the banknotes of the Emporium of Light, on pre-printed forms designed by myself. Each note will be a unique copy as I paint each one of them individually by hand (of course with lots of joy and love). I originally call them “Lichtillionen” because that is Lightillions in German, but only for the English text here, I call them “Lightillions”.

Sales will be donated 100%.

Safety: You pay the donation to the account of the beneficiary; i. e. donations will not run through third parties or my own hands.


Sales will be donated 100%.
The highlight of the project is that 100 % of the complete sales will be donated to a non-profit initiative. Currently all sales are donated to the organization of Dr. Vandana Shiva (awardee of the Alternative Nobel Prize) who supports the preservation of nature. (For more information please click here.) I consider to add other organizations, if this turns out to be successful, so that the buyer can choose the purpose for which his/her donation shall be used.


What is YOUR benefit then?!

The Lightillions have a (one-way) exchange rate of 1:10. That means for 10 EUR you get a banknote of 100 Lightillions. I would like this to be a symbol meaning that you get more when you give.

You can buy your own 100 Lightillion banknote for just 10 EUR. The money is a donation, given freely. In return you get a free piece of art. The more success I can generate with my artwork, the higher the collector’s value of your Lightillions will grow. Thus you have a kind of share in my success. (However, just to be sure you understand well – it is no real share in the financial sense of share with dividends to be paid out. It just means that the value of your Lightillions increases if other collectors are interested.)

Thus, please make a donation, collect my Lightillions and see how the rule of receiving more for giving works. Tell others about me. Draw others’ attention to this project – each one of you helps and supports the buildup of the Emporium of Light.



My personal wishful thinking looks like this:
I paint nice Lightillions, somebody likes the idea and makes a donation. In the beginning the Lightillions are quite inexpensive. If the demand grows I will have to paint higher amounts (200, 500, 1000 Lightillions). The value increases according to the demand. Furthermore, the Lightillions are available at a limited number. For example, there are only 20 copies of the 100 Lightillion banknotes with which I started this project (no. 1 is my own copy so that I start the project with the first donation. I hope that one day the “No. 1” will have an enormously high value. Then I could sell it for a lot of money and could make a high donation at once. No. 2 – 10 are already reserved for buyers). Those who are the first ones to participate and to donate can get the Lightillions at a reasonable price and can therefore hope for an overproportional increase in value. A kind of bonus for the early faith in the Emporium of Light. This is the dream: If for any reasons I manage to make the idea popular and to generate more demand, the amounts of banknotes can be increased so that those who enter later can still benefit from the system. It would turn a donation into an investment as a benefit for all participants.

What is my benefit?
I dedicate my artwork freely and free of cost to the service of the Lightillions. I will not earn a single Cent. This includes all material, my work and the distribution. With your donation you will not pay for anything else. I feel joy and happiness when I see how my work brings light to the world – this is enough reward for me. If the universe returns the favor and brings more attention to the artwork I make my living with, I would, of course, be glad and grateful (since this would mean even more donations for the Lightillion Project).


Thanks to the artists „Else Blankenhorn“ and „Vieira Schmidt“ for their inspiration for this project. Else Blankenhorn once painted banknotes during a stay in a sanatorium in order to finance the deliverance of all buried pairs of lovers. Vieira Schmidt painted more than 250.000 pictures for her world-saving project “1.000.000 paintings for the rescue of the world”. Find out more about the artists in the Prinzhorn exhibition – Link:


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